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The Academy of Good Dog Training offers a range of class options depending on the needs of the individual dog and owner. The services fall into two categories:
1.        General and Advanced Obedience Training
2.       Problem Behaviour Assessment & Modification

General Obedience Training is available in the following formats dependent on the dog and on the owner preference. 
Group classes
Individual private lessons
At home consultations

General Obedience Training can start from the age of 4 months and onwards into maturity. All training is undertaken using positive reinforcement techniques. 

Results are achieved using body signals, voice commands, treats and games. Building and strengthening the relationship between the dog owner and the dog is paramount to obtaining the best results that will endure long after the formal training is completed. 

On completion of the General Obedience Training the dog and owner will have learnt how to achieve the following commands:

Heel on lead 

Advanced Obedience Training is available for dogs who have completed the General Obedience Training.   The advanced classes incorporate higher obedience challenges as well as agility exercises and the learning of several ‘games and tricks’.

Please contact us to discuss the content of the Advanced Obedience Training classes and the next scheduled date for classes.