Problem Behaviour Assessment and Modification:

When your dog is exhibiting behaviour that is anti-social or impacts on the quality of life, for either the family and or the dog, then the help of qualified professionals working in the field of dog behaviour is required.

At the Academy of Good Dog Training we encourage our clients to “come out of the closet” with their dog behaviour problems. We will undertake a detailed assessment of your particular problem area and provide you with practical and realistic advice. 

Our approach to Problem Behaviour is as follows:

1.    Assessment of the problem

a.      Detailed interview with dog owner
Assessment of current handling methods
Observation of the problem area and current approaches
Feedback to dog owner with recommendation on how to address problem areas.

 Our assessment process is pivotal in developing a realistic approach to the correction of the problem. It is our experience that at times dog owners are unaware of how small problems can escalate as the dog matures or is exposed to different environmental situations. Our assessment provides dog owners with sound, practical advice that allows them to take the right actions to develop well behaved companion dogs.


2.    Behaviour Modification of problem areas

Following the assessment process the recommended plan is implemented with the dog and dog owner. At all times we work with the dog owner to ensure they are skilled and confident to maintain the necessary approaches to embed the correct behaviour in their dog. We form a partnership with the dog owner to achieve the best outcome possible from their dog.

We have found that each dog is an individual and that the best approach varies. It can be a combination of several elements of our service portfolio.

The results that we promise are that the dog owner will have a suite of tactics and approaches to allow them to manage their dog in a variety of situations. They will have an understanding of what the triggers are that elicit the problem behaviour and how to manage or manipulate their actions and or the external environment to best manage their dog.