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Our Philosophy of Dog Training:

 The Academy of Good Dog Training is committed to the following objectives: 

  1. We train dogs using positive methods incorporating positive motivation and rewards. We will refuse to be involved with any approaches that compromise this principle.
  2. We believe that the development of a genuine and trusting relationship with your dogs is essential to the training process.
  3. We believe that building ‘fun’ into the training process makes learning easier and something that both dog owners and their dogs look forward to doing.
  4. We aim to help dog owners understand what’s happening for their dogs and then use the appropriate response depending on the situation.
  5. We tailor all of our interventions and training to the individual dog and dog owner – we design the program to fit the dog – we don’t try to squeeze the dog into a structure that won’t fit or work on its individual requirements.

Our promise to our clients is that we will work in partnership with them to achieve the best possible results. We will always provide them with honest, unbiased advice in the best interests of their dog and their personal situation. We will ‘stick with it’ for as long as it takes to get the results the client needs.