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Building a relationship based on trust and respect with your dog:

Shannon at the Academy of Good Dog Training has been an excellent trainer for our Springer Spaniel, ‘Coco’. Coco was 6 months old when we sought out some training for her. We liked the fact that Shannon uses praise and pats to encourage Coco. This positive reinforcement has really worked well for Coco, and it has also meant that when we are out and about with Coco we know that she will respond to a voice command or hand signal. Coco and I have really enjoyed training together, and can say that thanks to Shannon she is a happy and responsive pet.

Shannon has developed a special bond with Coco – she “loves” him. We have found that Shannon has the ability to pass on a great deal of knowledge about dogs and how they think – it’s a special gift, and I'm very grateful to have found him.

If you are thinking about training your dog I can recommend Shannon very highly, with the utmost confidence that he will help you and your dog achieve a happy and trusting relationship.

Brian & Alison Tucker (Noosaville)

A trainer who loves his work and that can relate to dogs big or small:

I have two miniature schnauzers, Bridget the elder, and Emma the younger. Bridget has a bold and outgoing nature, whereas Emma is a yapper. Unfortunately, Emma, the yapper set Bridget going and before long I had two ‘yapping’ schnauzers.

Fortunately, I heard of Shannon and the results he can achieve. I used both private and general obedience classes with excellent results. The ‘girls’ adore Shannon and respond so willingly to him.

My observations are that Shannon has a genuine empathy with all dogs. He demonstrates an ability to readily assess the competence level of both handler and the dog. He then sets about working with both to achieve the best results. As a result of his work, I have observed improved behaviour in many dogs under his training. Shannon O’Donnell has a genuine love for this work and the results he achieves attest to the pseudonym ‘dog whisperer’ in every way.

Glennis Manning (Noosa Springs)

Training success with a highly reactive dog exhibiting several behavioural issues:

I began training my German Shepherd Dog with Shannon O’Donnell of the Academy of Good Dog Training when "Toby" was around 18 months old.

Prior to this I had been persisting with a very excitable German Shepherd Dog and only achieving a mediocre level of success. Toby is a very strong willed dog and was beginning to show all the signs of becoming a problem dog. He was pulling on his lead, becoming over excited in the presence of other dogs, jumping up on visitors for attention, and correcting members of my family (Toby’s pack) as he tried to become the leader of the pack.

Help was needed urgently. It was at this stage that I became aware of Shannon and his uncanny ability to ‘whisper to the dogs’. Within the first few sessions Toby was responding to the training and accepting me as the leader of his pack, all through positive reinforcement training.

With Shannon’s expert tuition and some hard work my dog handling skills have improved considerably and Toby has achieved an obedience level far beyond what I thought was possible.

Now, when we are out for a walk or training, we regularly receive complimentary remarks from the public about Toby's obedience level and excellent behaviour.

John Chandler (Tewantin)

Correct use of Citronella spray in training programs:

I have used the Spray Commander (citronella spray) as an aid in correcting behavioural problems with both my dogs. I have found it to be an excellent tool. It is important that it is used correctly and that the dog doesn’t recognize it, and potentially develop an adverse reaction toward the fitting of the collar. The remote control facility is also an added advantage.

I would confidently recommend the Spray Commander as a safe and effective training tool.

Glennis Manning (Noosa Springs)

Getting positive results with a highly reactive fear aggressive Australian Cattle Dog:

I found Shannon from the Academy of Good Dog Training by chance. I was visiting from Sydney and saw his class in general obedience. On my next visit to Noosa I attended his class with my then 8 month old Australian Cattle Dog, Jack.

Jack was not well behaved, despite having attended several other obedience classes in Sydney. He became over excited, barking and lunging at other dogs. I needed help. Shannon was able to provide me with sound, practical advice I could implement immediately to effect some positive change.

Shannon was available to me by telephone, to coach me through difficult periods and to provide reassurance that the approach I was following was beneficial. Subsequently, I have had several private lessons with Shannon and the boy Jack, as well as attending his general obedience classes. I am pleased to report that Jack is making real progress, he has calmed down considerably. I am able to walk him in the presence of other dogs, and he can remain calm. His level of obedience has improved, and he can even do some ‘tricks’. Jack is now 20 months of age.

I can also report that “my” training is also progressing well – and that I am calmer and more confident in my ability to handle those difficult moments that we all encounter. Shannon’s advice and coaching have made a great difference to my ability as a dog handler and to my boy Jack, who’s on the way from monster to champion?

I am confident in recommending Shannon from the Academy of Good Dog Training to anyone seeking assistance with their dogs in both general obedience and with behavioural issues.

C. Marsden (Sydney)